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Jenifer Lewis
Actress/National Treasure

Over 4 decades in Hollywood and on Broadway should make me an expert on what a good trainer looks like. As a performer,I am always in competition , and have to always be at my best. After years of hiring and firing trainers, I finally met JR and Michiko. The first word that comes to mind is GENIUS. There is literally nothing they can not facilitate in regards to my physical needs.

JR's dietary and kinesiology knowledge, along with the PIlates and body relaxation techniques of his wife Michiko lead me to an optimal look and performance level. I am so thankful to have worked them and still continue to do so.

Victor Espinoza
Triple Crown Winner Jockey

I owned a gym in Pasadena California entitled Evolution Fitness.JR arrived and I was drawn to him immediately .His skill on the gym floor and his ability to communicate was unmatched. We began speaking one day and I decided to make him my trainer. I had already been a professional jockey for years. When I thought back to all my previous trainers , I realized very quickly that he was on a different level. Previously, I had been given simple and general strength and conditioning movements. JR taught me specific skill and strength movements, in the gym, that applied to performing as a jockey.

More than that , he helped me with my nutritional needs. He pointed out how unhealthy the traditional diet was for jockeys. He reconstructed my thinking toward diet and prep. I had never had so much sustained energy and strength.

Fernando Guerrero
Professional Boxer

When I met JR and Michiko I was already an established professional boxer. I met with a friend who said that he knew guy who could take me to another level. In my first meeting with JR we went to work immediately on my nutrition. I explained to him that in several fights I had been lacking energy. He was surgical on my nutrition and kept in close communication with my boxing coach and strength department.

His attention to detail was amazing. After a number of conversations I hired JR as my strength coach as well. Michiko was also there to help me with. alignment and flexibility. It the best camp I ever had. What a couple!

Sarah Bee
Professional Dancer

It was a brief meeting. I traveled from France to shoot some videos in Los Angeles. I realized that the dance studio was next to a gym in North Hollywood. I and a friend entered in. Sitting on a stool, in the back of the gym, was JR Rice. He struck up a conversation with me and before I knew it I was in a workout. What blew me away was how fast he assessed myt needs, and determined what I needed to do. Because I am a dancer, when he found imbalances in my body he added his wife's Pilates to the training.

The two of them together with me was an amazing experience.Michiko was a dancer herself so her advice was clear and to the point. I walked away from the encounter a different person and a better dancer. I thank God everyday that I wondered into that doorway.

Arlet Cicek
Trainer/Fitness Model

What is success? Where does it come from? I know where mine started to become reality. With a background as an addict, there was a period when I had none of it in sight. When I met JR RIce I was in the midst of a spiritual growth spurt. It was right on time. He encouraged me to pursue my dreams. He turned my body from a blocky mass into a work of art in a blink of an eye.

He made me dream again, and opened my eyes to the medicinal view of food. Training... Counseling... Wellness Education. JR poured himself into me. Soon after, my climb accelerated. I invited my friend (who was on a similar path) to join me in JR's weekly classes. Presently I am a successful fitness trailer, fitness performer, and business owner. We have not trained together in some time, but he changed my path and view of life forever.

Lenyn Nunez
Pro Body Builder

I have been in bodybuilding literally my entire life. I was actually raised in it. Because of this, I assumed I had a firm grasp on the word fitness. When I met JR that all changed. Not only was he full of knowledge, but was extremely insightful in regards to my specific needs. I was already a marginally successful bodybuilder, but JR saw all the holes in my game. His main work with me is what he called " show prep bodywork". It was a massage technique that he performed, which allowed the details of my body to be seen on stage.

He also referred me to his wife for Pilates and Gyrotonic training. This aided me in my movement, which improved my posing. This couple are both hidden treasures in the fitness and wellness industries. It was a career changing and life changing experience.

Evina Delpizzo
Fitness Model/Competitor/Trainer

I had a background of addictions. How many people do you know that can tell you that they are those things, and in the same breath say they are a fitness champion? This is true of me. It is true, in large part, to JR Rice. I was already training clients and training myself when I was introduced to JR. Also, I was climbing out of an emotional and spiritual abyss. Yes, I was training... but not at a high level. I was competing but not with excellence.

JR pushed me to heights I never believed I could reach. He caused me to reach deep within myself. After a few months with him. I won my first overall competition. I also became his literal intern and student. He held classes and lectures weekly. I absorbed all I could. Now, not only am I now a successful athlete and I own my own fitness facility. Life changing would be the least I could label our encounter.

Melissa Aacock
Trainer/Fitness Model

Yes, you read it correctly. I am a trainer. However, there are trainers and then there are Master Trainers. I met JR and Michiko in a gym in Colorado some years ago. My first conversation with JR let me now that I had only scratched the surface as a trainer and an athlete. He changed my body by leaps and bounds. But, more than that he touched my soul and mind. I owe so much of what I am now to my time with them.

We used to joke when he called me princess of fitness that this would make JR king. There are very few people you will ever meet that can change your life upside down for good.

Andrea Covington

I came to Lose Angeles from Sacramento with grand dreams. I dreamed all my life to become an actress. After a few years in small roles I started to become frustrated. I was out one day walking the beach and saw a man training children. We began speaking, and the conversation lead to him becoming my trainer. As we began working together I saw amazing changes in my body.

Everytime I attended a red carpet event, a photo shoot, or audition people noticed the difference. Above all of this, the wisdom he and his wife gave me over time was life changing, He is not just a trainer to me. He is my life coach, and I depend on him in every area of my life.

Dave Ritterbush
Dietary Industry CEO

I have been in nutritional businesses all of my life , and have been CEO of multiple companies in the dietary industry. This means I have been at trade shows, meetings, conferences, and other events my entire career. I bump into trainers, gym owners, nutrition gurus, and fitness leaders all the time. However, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable in such a wide range of subjects than JR Rice. He was my trainer for 2 years and I learned more from him the first week than I did from all other trainers I have ever had combined.

As a leader of men, I know quality when I see it. JR RIce, and his wife Michiko, are hidden jewels in this industry

Sachiko Ishida

I thought I was in shape. I believed I worked hard in the gym. When I met JR my world was completely changed. He changed the way I viewed my body and fitness. No matter if it were a new role, a photo shoot, or just an event he seemed to know exactly what was needed.

What shocked me the most was his ability to adjust to situations. I once received a role for a martial arts scene and he taught me proper technique for kicks and punches in a matter of days. It does not matter what the need is ,JR is the best I have ever seen in regards to training.

Robert Yim
Pro Tennis Player

As an amateur tennis player I was known for my footwork, speed, and accuracy on the court. As I turned pro things changed a bit. Players were simply bigger and stronger. Many opponents were now 6 foot ,6' 2", or taller. Because of this, I found myself often overpowered and chasing balls rather than challenging my opponents with power and control. I found JR's studio in Pasadena. He supplied me with a powerful and explosive workout style along with taking Pilates with his wife Michiko.

The combination changed my game tremendously. He even included drills which improved my hand eye coordination. What shocked me most was the speed by which I saw improvement.